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Your Calendar Specialist

At Provoquer, we understand your business and we tailor our calendars to suit your needs. With many years of experience, we have mastered the art in crafting the perfect bespoke calendar for brands. Produced using the finest materials in town, supported by an award-winning design team and friendly customer service, we are bringing calendar making experience to a whole new level.

Calendars Make Great Marketing Tool.

If you have yet to include desktop calendars as one of your marketing strategies, you should probably start considering. Often overlooked as a marketing tool, calendars have a number of advantages over other types of print advertising. Calendars help improve brand recognition and conversion rate relative to other marketing approaches. Here are some reasons why:


They are practical and useful. Everybody uses calendars, at home and in the office. It is always better to hand out promotional items that your audience will actually use.

Year-round Advertisement

Unlike handing out flyers, which might end up in the drawer or forgotten, calendars have the benefit of staying on the desk longer due to its practicality.

Build & Maintain Brand Awareness

Calendars are made to be looked at literally day after day and your brand remain in visual range for a long time. Every time the prospect sees your brand, they’ll think of you.